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Well some of it’s here~ Finally! Got a decent batch at my local market the other day, was reasonably crisp & sweet, so I immediately went back for more. I only bought 4 ears, ate 3, gave my lovey 1. My bad. Usually by now, I am so saturated from my fresh corn intake that I think you could peel me like a husk off a fresh ear and I would be all golden inside.

Not so this year, we have had corn only twice and both times I threw it out into my pond for the fish to nibble on, even they did not seem interested. Good thing I am buddies with the produce manager at my local market, as he gave me the heads up that it is only going to be good for the next week or so.

Went back for more, and this am made a fresh corn, potato, zucchini, scallion frittata with a romesco sauce and a drizzle of my garden basil oil. Nice light peppery arugula salad with fresh pears, tiny creamy cheddar corn~chive biscuits and brunch was good to go.

Tonight, I am going to make fresh corn timbales ( like a custard) to go with my Osso Bucco with Merlot demi glaze, shitake polenta with shaved Parmesan curls & dollop of sweet cream butter and honey~balsamic roasted cippolini onions. With lots of good crusty french bread to mop everything up with. Dessert has nothing to do with corn, just local raspberries, strawberries & blueberries in a martini glass topped with sabayon and a cinnamon tuille. Yes, she says!

Am going to trot out to the store again tomorrow am, get 24 ears, for the freezer, soup,muffins, etc. I am sure a few golden ears dripping with sweet cream butter and a generous sprinkle of sea salt will be consumed over my kitchen sink in the process, looking out at my deck and savouring the crunchy goodness of natures bounty.

Hey, I may even share the cobs with the deer hanging out in my yard, giving them something to munch on besides the scum on my pond! Why not share the wealth while I can. Enjoy!

Fitz and Dizzyspells by Andrew Bird

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