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Okay, so I have been remiss in my blogging. Actually that is an understatement. There were cobwebs on this page when I opened  it and I had to re-enter my pass code. Yikes! I have been writing reams of “stories”, just not finding the time nor the energy to sit down and put them into print. Lazy, no. Overwhelmed by life, yes. Oh, and a little thing called Twitter and now my newly discovered passion ~ Blip.fm.  To feed my ceaseless quest for music. New, old, punk, jazz…you name it, it’s there. Heaven. Only once you get going, it’s almost impossible to stop. Foisting ones musical taste on complete strangers. Only they respond! In kind! With props and comments and “re-blips”. Instant gratification to say the least. Loved and adored by the vast unknown. Intimacy without physical contact. So 2010. Stanley Kubrick never envisioned the future like this.

Back to my original train of thought ~ my blog. I have decided that if you don’t write at least ONCE a week it is very easy to say “I’ll do it tomorrow” and before you know it  ~ kazam a month has passed, or longer. Then it’s well, I need to write down some of my recipes, exercise, walk the dog, burn cd’s, oh Survivor’s on, did I just hear Mum & Dad, and so on and so- forth. Endless babble and dribble that we create to justify why we are not doing something. Yeah, right. Time to turn that off. Or at least hit the mute button in your brain.

This goes hand in hand with my new-found perspective, namely, I am hence-forth doing things for me. First. Daughter second. Everyone and everything else in between is up for grabs. I am not Atlas, and the world was getting a little heavy. So I have set it down, for now. How long it sits there remains to be seen. The realization that I do not control the universe has had amazing results. I look better. Shit, I look fantastic! People do a double take. More instant gratification. I smile more. And I have a great smile. I wink at good-looking strangers. I dance in the aisles of the supermarket ( well okay, if it’s Green Day). I spend money with out obsessing over it. If want it, and it’s there, okay. World is still turning on its axis (and I even set it down).

To that end I have even decided that “getting out” and living is very enjoyable. Tickets to the Tim Burton exhibit at MOMA in NYC, sure why not (april 9th by the way). Concert or 2  or 3 ~ ditto. The Ruse, HIM at Irving Plaza in NYC, with an overnight in Manhattan at the Muse ( room with a view & a balcony). Take that Helena Bonham Carter. I deserve it. So does my lovely. We are both looking forward to seeing Conan O’Brien’s comedy tour at Mohegan Sun in June. Hey, I might even play the slot machines. I have never gambled in my life. Maybe I’ll get lucky. If I don’t, so what.

So what’s my point? Don’t let your own bullshit hold you back. You have but one life and it is staring you right in the face. No ifs, ands, or butts. Just do it. Wasn’t that a Nike slogan? Well, it’s very apropos. Get your ass moving and do something. For yourself. Paint. Draw. Write a poem. Learn to fly a plane. Buy a pet snake. Meditate for 20 minutes. Turn off the cell phone. Get a tattoo. Take guitar lessons (next on my list!). Whatever it is that you dream about, yet always have (or find) an excuse for. There is no excuse, no boundaries. So open your mind to your imagination and the places that are awaiting your arrival. Real or fantasy. You can never be too late.

Peace out & stay tuned.


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