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Hmmm, Everyone Loves to entertain. Show off their house, yard, etc.  Yet what makes a successful party. Considering, you really don’t know all your guests. Not like sleeping with them personally.  So, one can be kind of in the dark here.

Me thinks .. #1 do not try to set up your single friends. Recipe for disaster.

2) The right amount of booze, wine, beer, cocktails. Each to their own. Just keep a keen eye as to whom is getting loaded, and whom is not. Cut off those bombed boozers, you do not want a tragedy on your hands, and everyone has a guest bed room or a couch floating around. Breakfast the next day being a piece of cake compared to a police or funeral home call.

3) Hire a kitchen slave, for nothing else other than to do the washing up & make a few midnight leftover treats.

4)Music ~ play what you like ! NO exceptions! If u hate Celine Delion, don;t play her! Love Green Day ~ rock it out. You will have a much better time and so will your guests. Get some beautiful flowers. Food~ whatever you love to eat! In tiny , not to messy bites. With lots of options!

Conversation Starters:

Food ~ Wine ~ Weather ~ Travel  ~ Books  ~ always good  openers.

Off Limits:

Religion ~ Politics’s ~ Sports ~ Dating ~ Do not set up any friends with out asking first! Money ~ Stock  Market ~ When you getting married or having children. Verboten.

Do discuss ~ great new books~ movies ~ music ~ wine ~ places to eat ~and just chillax , have a quiet time and enjoy being with your  friends. This is for you and some quality peeps to bond.

De stress about stocks, $$, life . Just eat ~ drink ~ and be  merry! Enjoy your friends while you can. Not everyone is around as long as we want. So take advantage and relax. Here today , gone tomorrow.

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