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the haute dog truck

They are everywhere and in every city. No longer just a shiny metal box dispensing watery coffee and a cardboard sandwich at a construction site, nope the food truck phenomenon has taken the country by storm. In a world obsessed with food and all matter of it, it seems only natural that the things we love and crave would take to the streets.  Crepes ~ Donuts~ Cupcakes~ Hot Dogs ~ Burrittos~ BBQ~ Sushi~ Ice Cream ~ Cuban~ you name it, there’s one out there serving what you desire. Gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘meals on wheels’. Mobile chef’s taking street food to a completely new level. What took so long?

While “pop-ups” continue to grow in strength and numbers, food trucks have a bit more longevity. And nowhere is that more evident than in Los Angeles. Opening a real restaurant can cost you millions and millions of dollars. A food truck can be had from anywhere from $30,000 to $150,000. Permits in LA run around $700. NYC is far more difficult as there is a cap on the number of permits allocated for a certain period of time. The one city they seem to be sorely lacking in is San Francisco, though the Onigri ( japanese rice snacks)  truck parked in front of the Ferry Market Plaza is worthy of a visit.

Also to be taken in to consideration is weather, parking ( think “turf wars”) , storage, pre-prep space , gas and the most important, location location location!  All are key to a successful food truck operation.

Twitter helped the Kogi LA food truck achieve a level of notoriety and cache previously unheard of  for an upscale mobile vending cart. The power of the Internet. Amazing. Another fledging company that could use help  get the word out is Cripple Creek Barbeque. A little company with a big conscience. Based in Colorado and owned by John & Stacy Lynch, they are on a quest to bring great BBQ to the masses. With roots in sustainable & environmentally friendly cuisine, this is a win-win idea.

To visit their website and make a pledge for their drive to raise money for a food truck and get some great offerings in exchange, please, they need you help to achieve their goal. Visit: http://www.cripplecreekbarbeque.com/index.html

You can also follow their progress in their quest on Twitter at @CrippleCreekBBQ  .. the pledges only work if they meet their goal. Lets help a foodie dream come true.

Now for some of my favourite Los Angeles food trucks to watch are as follows ~

Phamish ~ for Banh Mi

Buttermilk ~ for a breakfast biscuit

Flying Pig ~ for tamarind duck tacos

Iggys ~ for hot dogs

Raja Fries ~ for fries you never dreamed were possible

Seeing that LA has more cars per capita than any other city, the fantastic food trucks parked all over are no surprise! The best place to find some of these and numerous other trucks is Mon to Fri on Wilshire Blvd in front of LACAMA. Most move somewhere else for the evening hours. And of course visiting one of the best art museums in the states is just icing on the proverbial  “cup” cake. You can get those across the street. LOL. Enjoy.

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Got to thinking what’s my favourite city? Well, hmm that’s not an easy answer. Where to begin?  In no particular order, here goes. ( I am doing this by the way because the  turkey cooking in my oven has 1 more hour!) And if I crash now, he will be toast!  Like me, okay bad joke.

1) Aspen, Co ~ Summer for music festival ~ Winter for skiing and general debauchery.

2) San Francisco ~ Ferry Market ~ Wine Co. ~ Fog ~ Amazing food & chefs.

3) Paris ~ City of Lights! Go at Xmas ~ Midnight mas at Notre Dame. Walk the Seine.

4) London~ Just to say you have been there and see the changing of the guard.

5) New Orleans ~ She’s still there, you just need to find her. Mardi Gras~Voodoo~ Vampires ~Cemeteries ~ Beignets~ Hot night in the big easy.

6) Cape Cod & Boston ~ The Eastern Seaboard ~ Surf ~ Sun ~ Seafood.

7) Chicago ~ The Windy City ~ Dying the  River Green on St. Patty’s day! ~ Deep Dish Pizza! The Cubbies!

8 ) Louisville , Ky ~ The Derby, first sat in may ! (also happens to be my daughters bday, or close enough , give a day or 2), Great Southern Food & Killer Bourbon!

9) Dublin, Ireland ~ Guinness, Hello? Jameson’s ? Baileys? Car Bomb Any one? Thanks Bob..What I would have missed with out you..

10) Sienna & Tuscany ~ Gorgeous, Peaceful, serene, great gelatto.

11) Montreal & Quebec ~ Lovely People! Chateau Frontenac ~ The Funicular ~ Tim Horton’s.

12) Amsterdam ~ Anne Frank~ Hookahs ~ Tulips ~ Hookers (hah) ~ Bikes Abound!

13) New York City ~ The best for Last ~ No need to expound, it is the most amazing city on the planet!  Go and see for yourself!

To those who ask, yes I have lived in or visited every city listed!

Revolution Earth by B52’s

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