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Well, I am not too sure that very many people will get the gist of this story, but since Aspen was a big part of my younger life it must be told. So away I go! It will be entertaining, believe me. By the time I blog in my last post, anyway

Before Aspen became a playground for the rich and famous, it was a really cool place to live. Back when it was a sleepy little art & music & ski town. People could still sleep in T-pees in Pepekee Park! And nobody cared. Also where (good or bad) everyone knew what you were doing, did or about to do!  (and with whom). Local year round population of about 1,200. You could run, but their was no place to hide!

Aspen was (and still is) a really, really small town. Simply lovely place to live! Skiing in winter, raspberry picking, mountain biking, hiking, in summer. Going on vacation for the off season! My town of choice was always San Francisco. Jazz under the stars, the Aspen Music Festival. Friends publishing The Aspen Daily News, me appearing on KSPN as the weather girl. Hello Uncle Fergie!! Wonder where u are today. ( Sorry, inside joke).  In addition to my full time job as pastry chef to the towns only french cafe. Waking up to 6inches of snow on the 4th of July, of course it melted by mid day.

Eating my very first sushi ( raw fish variety) at Taka Sushi with Larry Masterson, I ordered and ate UNI! Sea Urchin..hmm. This was quite unexpected from the California rolls I usually ate. Meeting a very grumpy Hunter  S. Thompson at the Cooper Street Pier (local watering hole) until he realized I was brilliant at playing pool.

The best, meeting my Aussies. Ian & Marty!! Damn we were inseparable, and when they gave me Ians prized Midnight Oil t-shirt for xmas, well I still have it! And we still talk.

Driving around town with John Barnes in his mellow yellow taxi & me getting gossip for the next days rag mag, catering up in Woody Creek or Snowmass. Helping out at the Popcorn Wagon after hours making crepes, dancing & drinking at The Jerome. Lending my incredibly deep and sexy voice to our one and only late night radio station, where my best friend just happened to be the DJ. Hello Muffy!

There was not  a lot of great food in Aspen back then, maybe my desserts at Pour la France,  organic food at Explorer Books, Mexican at La Cocinia or great ribs at the Hickory House. Sadly few remain.

But it was the town, it’s people, it’s spirit. It was a life worth living in that moment. And if you were driving up loveland pass to go to Denver or Boulder and it was closed, well you turned around and came back home. Waiting until you felt like venturing out of the cocoon that we lived in. In our eyes, back then we (locals) were special. You did not just enter this world, you had to be invited. It embraced you, enveloped one’s sense of self, it had to be earned. But once entry was granted, you never wanted to leave. Not many made it, or stayed, some came and went never to be seen or heard from again, and some left a mark that can never be erased. That would be me.

This is only part 1 of a 3 parter. Told mostly for me and those close who I love, and the times we shared.

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