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Quick update, due to all the rain in CT & on the upper East Coast, the sweet corn crop will be delayed by at least 3 weeks, or even longer! So you are looking at August! For the best of the bunch. Some might be around before hand, but it will most likely be Florida corn, save your $$.

The corn needs dry direct sunlight, and some really warm, not humid weather. Or we will have basically field corn, chewy, meally and good only for the crows. BOO HOO!

So, Mother Nature, smile upon us East Coasters, please!

I always buy about 20 ears a day, when the crop is ready, and take the kernels off the cob & freeze for use all winter. Chowder, salsa, relish, in a bowl w/ sweet butter & chives, corn pudding, spoon bread..let me count the ways! Ah, the joy of fresh tasting corn in January. Amazing.

I will keep you posted on this one.

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