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Okay, here is a tip for those in the tri-state area or those planning a visit to NYC. There is a really cool club, little known, that hosts great artists and has wonderful food.

It is the Highline Ballroom in Manhattan.

http://www.highlineballroom.com  They have recently hosted Amanda Palmer, Patrick Wolf, The Plastiscines, The Lisps and many more. It is a venue  where you can sit or squish yourself up against the stage. Or do both!

In addition to great music, the food is not to shabby! Created by Ex Chef Eric Blauberg, he has some lovely little plates on the menu. Try the mahogany glazed lollypop chicken wings with spicy peanut cabbage slaw, or mini kobe beef burgers with cheddar cheese, potato straws & house made ketchup! Fancy a three cheese grilled sandwich with fresh tomato soup, it’s here.

And the drink menu is killer. Have a Highline: with wild turkey, honey, cointreau & lime juice. Or a Sundial: stoli, grand marnier, champange, lemon squeeze.

So, rock out, eat well, have a cocktail and go home happy. Hey, thats what life should be, right?

Accident & Emergency by Patrick Wolf

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Quick update, due to all the rain in CT & on the upper East Coast, the sweet corn crop will be delayed by at least 3 weeks, or even longer! So you are looking at August! For the best of the bunch. Some might be around before hand, but it will most likely be Florida corn, save your $$.

The corn needs dry direct sunlight, and some really warm, not humid weather. Or we will have basically field corn, chewy, meally and good only for the crows. BOO HOO!

So, Mother Nature, smile upon us East Coasters, please!

I always buy about 20 ears a day, when the crop is ready, and take the kernels off the cob & freeze for use all winter. Chowder, salsa, relish, in a bowl w/ sweet butter & chives, corn pudding, spoon bread..let me count the ways! Ah, the joy of fresh tasting corn in January. Amazing.

I will keep you posted on this one.

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Guinness & Chocolate!

Oh, this is good! Made a dark chocolate bar cookie with lots of sweet cream butter & topped with butterscotch chips, white chocolate chips, chunked scharfenberger chocolate, macadamia nuts ( sad to say we devoured the remainder of the jar before the cookies were even cool!) cream cheese, graham crackers, & drizzled with melted chocolate icing. WOW!

Even more amazing when paired with a Guinness 250th anniversary stout! If you have not had one yet, get thee to the local liquor store, as these super smooth & delicious treats will only be around for about another month! Then syanorra. So stock up now! If you love Guinness, this will take you there. Guinness & Chocolate a match made in heaven.

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Get those baskets ready, it’s almost cherry picking season in CT.  Blink and you will miss it! The first week of July, and sometimes the second is all she wrote. You can find these jewel red gems at local farmers markets, but why pay the extra price when you can pick your own, and feel like you are communing with nature at the same time.

So put on your wellies, grab a basket and load it up! ( the wellies are because it has rained almost everyday in CT during the month of June, and the ground goes squish, squish). Another plus to picking your own is the eat all you want policy most farms have. Sweet!

I personally am planning a trip to Washington Depot & Starberry Farm. Lets just keep our fingers crossed for little or no rain in the next 10 days, or the crops could be lost.

What to do with these beauties? After pitting, make a cherry clafouti, or oven dry them for your own”dried” cherries, make a cherry chutney w/capers, red onion & balsamic to spread on a roast duck or turkey sandwich with arugula ( artisanal bread only , please!) Top warm goat cheese salad with cherries, candied pecans & crispy bacon & poppyseed vinaigrette. Enjoy!

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