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What a year I  have had.   Now, here I am about to start a new chapter. New life = new beginnings. I cannot yet bring myself to blog about my father’s death after such a long illness it was a relief/ blessing and sorrow. He was my rainbow. Daughters form  a certain bond with their fathers. My mother, whilst an amazing woman also.. had so many cancers it was always a given. Poppie was  my world and focus for the past 4 years. But as is my wont, I digress.

I am about to embark on a new adventure, lovey firmly in tow. I think we shall be joined at the hip forever. Sort of like that Grey Gardens/ Drew Barrymore/ Jessica Lange movie only  we are way way cooler. We are going on our first vacation since I quit my job in New York City in 2006. Our last trip was to San Francisco. We are headed there yet again. The city holds magical healing powers for me. I need them now desperately. I am also throwing Los Angeles into the mix, because I can!  Strictly for fun.

This trip was originally going to be a “look-see”.  As in do we want to move west. Well I am a born New Yorker. So this is going to be a no-brainer. We are staying east coasters. Its closer to family and friends across the pond. My lovely sister will be moving to England next year. So we can swap. LOL. Though she may need to brush up on her house-keeping skills.

We leave 2morrow. Los Angeles first. Staying in Beverly Hills. The Thompson. Rented a mini cooper convertible. Going to see A Perfect Circle at the Avalon. Craig Ferguson show ( Juliette Lewis is the guest). Stars ( the band)  at the Wiltern. V.I P. pass for that one. Of course I really hope to meet @ducks2007 and a few other Blip & Twitter buddies.  But I realize life has its own way of doing things. So if certain things don’t come to pass, well now was not the time and it will come around again. The circle of life is ongoing.

Then flying to San Francisco. The city of my dreams. I love it. Have decided though that in years to come I shall retire there. Build a B & B. Up north. Close to the Point Reyes area. For now I will remain firmly entrenched in New York City. Though whilst in San Francisco we are also going to enjoy ourselves. Double double executive suite at the Abri Hotel in Union Square.  Going to see the opening of Neil Gaimans “Coraline” at the San Francisco playhouse. The Birthday Massacre at Slim’s. And my very first tattoo at Mom’s. Not to mention eating ( something I need to engage in more often). Sleeping. Hanging with Great Great friends.

My health has never been better. Heart definitely racing the past few days. Forgot to wear my  nitro ” patch’ and just the general excitement over going somewhere. Still don’t drink. I passed over a year. Pats self on the back.

Really, I  am  just glad to get through each day. Have been forgiving all those whom have harmed/ hurted/ been mean to me. Makes me a better person ( imho).. LOL.

Need to finish the cookbook. Sell CT house. Time to move on… New beginnings indeed. Love to all whom have been beside me during these years. I can never repay you.

Peace Out,


ps.. food posts & supernatural to resume asap!!

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