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A little Supernatural fan fix because if you are like me, September is a long long way off. Until then we will have to wait to see if Dean lives happily ever after, if Lucifer is part of Sam, if  Bobby will learn how to dance, and if Castiel is truly heaven sent. Season #6..tbc..

1) Your out of angel mojo.

2) Know that it’s called possession for a reason.

3) Can name the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

4) Are quick with a colorful rejoinder.

5) Knew Matt Frewer when he was Max Headroom. (amazon is taking pre-orders)

6) Wonder why do the Winchesters make everything so complicated.

7) Want to see Bobby Riverdance.

8) Hope Castiel really does have a Stairway to Heaven.

9) Hell Hounds are not your neighbors barking dogs.

10) Have a Team Ackles T-shirt.

11) Have a Team Padalecki T-shirt.

12) You’ve said ~ “Behave your self…No Homework..Watch some porn.

13) You think the road to nowhere is Route 666.

14) Follow Mischa Collins on Twitter.

15) Lost a shoe.

16) Made an EMF reader out of a Sony Walkman.

17) Have a Demon Hunter bumper sticker ~ on your 67′ Impala.

18) Ramble On does not mean you talk to much.

19) You’ve read Kurt Vonnegut.

20) Thought Ghostfacers was a reality show on MTV.

21) Know that “I’m burning for you” does not mean you have a fever.

22) Have 300 cable channels and nothings on.

23) Think your adorable.

24) Want more Ash!!

25) Know that Jared was Dean before he was Sam.

26) Watched Jensen when he was Jason.

27) Googled Stanford & MIT.

28) Can recite the Tao of Dean by heart.

29) Listen to http://www.rock 101.com.

30) Buy the #Supernatural Comic books.

31) Own a Rabbits foot.

32) Know how to pick a lock and hot wire a car.

33) Have the Winchester Boys calendar.

34) Loved Cas as a hippie.

35) Loved Dean in gym shorts.

36) Want Sam’s white suit.

37) Know that sneezy is pestilence.

38) Think clowns are scary.

39) Dislike Christmas fruitcake.

40) Own the movie “Devour” for Jensen.

41) Own the movie “Cry Wolf” for Jared.

42) Know that a pie hole has nothing to do with pie.

43) Have preordered the season #5 companion book.

44) Tried to call Deans cell phone # (866-907-3235).

45) Glad Ruby bit the dust.

46) Wonder who is really in Sam’s body.

47) Think we haven’t seen the last of Chuck the prophet.

48) Wonder if that really is Dean’s son.

49) Love pie.

50) Have preordered season #5 on DVD from Amazon.

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I Want Candy!

Or more specifically I want chocolate! Who doesnt? Chocolate makes everything better. Well, at least for me it does. My original plan was to post this for Valentines Day, but well life has a way of getting in the way. While your busy making other plans. Didn’t John Lennon sing that?

So now I turn my attentions to one of God’s greatest gifts to us. Chocolate. Okay, he didn’t actually create it, but one of his children did. It can be traced back to Montezuma (no revenge here) the Aztec Emperor. So in an essence it was food of the god’s. Though they used the beans that grew on the cocoa trees in the wilds of the jungle to make a bitter drink. Cool. Lucky for the world Cortes invaded Central America and brought this delicious treat back to Spain. In 1529. Been around for quite a while. Though I am not going to delve into the history or lore. Nope, lets fast forward to 1847. When things really started to get sticky.

Joseph Fry, a Brit, mixed cocoa butter into cocoa powder and added sugar creating a paste that could be pressed into a mold. Yum. But still not perfect.  In 1849 John Cadbury got in on the phenomena. Though it was the Swiss, Daniel Peter and Henry Nestle,  in 1875 who thought to add condensed milk to the product, thus creating a candy bar that snapped into pieces when broken. What took them so long! LOL. In 1894 the Hershey Bar hit the market and was followed by the Tootsie Roll in 1896. And the sweet sensation was only just getting started.  Chocolate fever over took the nation.

It was during WWI that American manufactures turned their attention to chocolate making. Sending candy bars to the troops overseas. Nice perk, ya think. The industry peaked and the market was flooded by the mid 1920’s, when at one point there were hundreds of different types on the market. This was most likely due to prohibition. Chocolate  seemed like a good alternative to booze. It was sinful to eat and enough could make you giddy. Legal sugar high anyone?

So heres is a list of the top 10 candy bars of all time. To be followed with the top 10 chocolate makers world-wide. So whatever satisfies your sweet tooth, just be sure to have a glass of milk handy. Or in my case  soy vanilla milk.

The Original Top 10 Candy Bars ~

1) Hershey Bar ~ 1894  * The Hershey’s Kiss arrived in 1901 ~ Sweet to eat!

2) Butterfinger ~ 1920 ~ Nothing like a butterfinger

3) Oh Henry ! ~ 1921 ~ Oh hungry? Have an oh henry

4) Baby Ruth ~ 1921 ~ The real deal

5) Milky Way ~ 1923 ~ Originally known as a Mars bar ~ out of this world

6) Reese Peanut Butter Cup ~ 1923 ~ There’s no wrong way to eat a reese’s

7) Snickers ~ 1930  ~ Hungry? grab a snickers ~ FYI ~ named for the family horse

8) 3 Musketeers ~ 1932~ Big on chocolate

9) Kit Kat ~ 1935 ~ Have a break, have a kit kat

10) M & M’s ~ 1941 ~ Melts in your mouth, not in your hand

The  Top Ten Chocolatiers World Wide ~

1) France ~ Valrhona

2) Belgium ~ Godiva

3) Switzerland ~ Lindt

4) Italy ~ Slitti

5) Spain ~ Valor

6) Germany ~ Schoking

7) Holland ~ Rademaker

8) American ~ Scharffen Berger

9) Canadian ~ Bernard Callebaut

10) British ~ Cadburys

* My personal favourite is Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Mint Crisp. Though I have been known to take a Vosges Mo’s Bacon Bar and chop it up to stir into pancake batter. Now that’s some Haute Chocolate!

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The back story ~ to put my previous blog into perspective I need to take a few steps back, before I take a few steps forward and continue with the tale.

It all started with a heart attack. Mine. Yup, me. Way to young to have one you say, no. They can strike at any age, and there are many different types.  Mine was a Syndrome X. Otherwise what is known as a “silent heart attack”. Everything looks normal, only it’s not. The cause? High blood pressure. Something very few people check as often as they should.

Symptoms? Nothing you would think twice about. Chest pain, fatigue, feeling of general malaise, weakness, loss of appetite. Basically, how I felt every day. Dec 1st, 2008. 7:01 pm. Had been feeling really bad all day, it kept increasing, until I felt a massive crushing weight on my chest. I thought I was just having a panic attack. Wait until the morning,  you’ll feel better. Yeah right. I would most likely have been dead by then. Sayonara, see ya later bye.

I called 911. The policeman on duty talked to me for a few minutes and told me to calm down. He was being polite. The ambulance was at my house in less than 11 minutes. The medic took my blood pressure and said ‘oh my god”. My BP was 248/199. Fuck me. Your heart  simply cannot pump at that rate for very long with out massive damage, or just giving out. I was on an express elevator to hell, going down.

Tick, tock, boom. Onto the stretcher, into the ambulance. Everything was a blur. It was pouring outside. Major deluge. I thought, nice, I like the rain. Lying on the gurney, they hooked me up to an IV drip, stuck a nitro glycerin tab under my tongue, removed my shirt, the better to”jump” start my heart if need be. I felt very detached from my surroundings. Stared at the ceiling. Focused on a teeny tiny bug. Inching its way across the top, oblivious to the drama unfolding below. Talk about out-of-body experiences, I did not have any major life altering thoughts, except two, I wished I had been able to kiss my daughter good-bye, and did I have my iPod with me.

We were at the hospital in no time. I now have great respect for EMT’s and drivers who get the fuck out-of-the-way when an ambulance is barreling down the road. Could be you in there. When every moment counts. They had my “room” ready. Section of the ER for really bad cases. Dr.s every where. More IV’s, more meds, hooked up to life support. Blood pressure cuff put on, and it stayed there for the next 24 hours. Numbers were now higher than before 260/ 210. Time to freak out. I vaguely remember what went on for the next 5-6 hours. Got a shot, to relax me, um, nope. More meds. More Dr.s. Where to put me, ICU? Or down the hall telemetry. BP started to fall. Finally.

200/120. They moved me. I needed to pee. Thanks intravenous lasix. To remove excess water around the heart. One of the first places it collects. Hey, new fact I never knew. I do now. And lots more. Long story long, by morning I was holding steady at about 180/90. Beautiful #’s. EKG showed no major damage. Ditto a myriad of tests. Head scratching ensued. Took numerous stress tests. Ultrasounds. Drank funky dye. On and on. Day 2. More of the same. No change. Day 3. Okay, now I’m 160/80. I want to go home now please. I’d really like to go home now.

And I did. They couldn’t keep me, and they couldnt tell me exactly what happened. That took months. Almost a year. The verdict? Stress. Taking care of my parents, quitting my job and having the weight of the world thrown in my lap all took its toll. My BP stayed high for a year. Was put on an ungodly amount of metoprolol. 300 milligrams daily. I was always tired. Because its function is to slow your heart rate down, and I was still running the Tokyo Bullet in my chest. My BP never went below 160/80. Ever. Bummer. No flying. No mosh pits. No stress. Dont get to excited. Yeah, right. Like when my  Dad would fall out of bed @4am and I be calling 911. Oh Hi Victoria, how are you? I’m fine officer, its pops. 8 times in one year. ER trips. Hospitals. Mummy sick, her surgeries. Quit my job. No wonder I was stressed. Ya think?

Flash forward to Sept, 25th 2009. Routine Dr. check-up. BP 185/ 92. Crap. New Dr. though. We talked. For an hour. Gave me some freebies for a med called Lexapro, to calm me down. Okay, now I don’t do drugs any more, but I figured, why not? Try it. Maybe it will help. Got the evening bullshit done, took one and had a glass of Cabernet. Big mistake! Huge!  Within 20 minutes I was in the throes of a full-scale panic attack. I (by this time) owned my own BP cuff, since I had to take it once a week to monitor my numbers. Got the cuff, fuck. 210/99. Hour later 225/130. 2 hours later 240/160. Not again lord. This can’t be happening to me. Called the Dr. left a message. He called right back, first question, did you take the Lexapro? Yup. Second question, did I have anything to drink? Yup.

And therein was the problem. I always had a glass or two of red wine every night. No big really, except it was causing my heart rate to soar. In combo with the Lexapro ( which is a huge no-no by the way) well it was not cool. Dr. Yenz said can you chill until morning and come see me? I did. Still crazy high BP, but he took blood & ran some tests, something that no one ever did in hospital. Verdict, I was allergic to many chemicals & sulfites in the wine. Hell I was allergic to practically everything. Combined with my stressful existence= high BP. I was poisoning my own body, only I didn’t know it.

Sept 27th 2009. I quit drinking. Everything. Became Vegan. Gave up dairy, wheat, sugar, meat.  Nothing processed, nothing canned, nothing frozen, nothing out of a bag or a box. Brown rice, avocados and green tea became my best friends. Though as a french chef my eating habits were always quite excellent. 2 months later, BP 140/80. Feb 2010. BP 130/70. Meds reduced and removed. April 2010 BP 121/65. Pulse 69. Perfection. Metoprolol dropped to 25 milligrams once a day. Still no alcohol. Though Dr. Ynez says a glass of Cabernet or Merlot would be fine now. A glass. Maybe 2. Sweet. On the weekends. As treat. Not as a way to reduce my stress. I have learned breathing techniques and relaxation methods. How to avoid stress or situations that could be potentially “unpleasant. Or how not to let certain situations piss me off or get control of me. Only I control me.

Saw Dr. Yenz the other day. He was in awe. I look incredible. I look fantastic. I glow. Radiant. My body has changed completely. Now if I could just get my obsession with Blip under control I’d be perfect! LOL> And that my friends is the second half of this story. Which will be next. And then the circle will be complete.

Tick ~ Tock ~ Boom. No longer.

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