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Farm Stand News ~Update

Wow!  Ct peaches are not very good, but the ones I got today from the local market from NJ were excellent. Who ever said NJ did not have much to offer was sorely  mistaken! They certainly have  their farms well in hand!

Super juicy, succulent, gorgeous deep red centers, ovals of heaven. I sliced some to grill and drizzle with my balsamic syrup, to go with hand churned cinnamon ice cream. Close my eyes, take me away to paradise.

Now I have a brain storm, in addition to topping all manner of pastry treats, cobbler, puff pastry tarts, parfaits, etc..I want to make fresh peach ice cream and add a chiffonade of my garden basil. Ya Think? Serve with super buttery crisp shortbread rounds. Mine of course.

I already made my vegan love a fresh salad of Asian pears, peaches & pineapple  and English cucumber with red onion in a sweet Thai-chili sauce/rice wine vinaigrette. Very refreshing. With a side of homemade crispy won ton chips, and golden sesame tofu and scallion sticks, she was happy!

Think tomorrow I will tuck some fresh slices of these porn food peaches in to a corn taco with blue crab, scallion & drizzle of flax- seed honey vinaigrette, just for a snack.

Peachy by Missy Higgins

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Farm Stand News

Ah fresh ripe juicy peaches ~ is there anything better? They are arriving in the  market now and are truly luscious. So do yourself, and some of your more well liked friends a favour and go get some, now!

I like to let a few sit on the windowsill of my back porch slowly getting warm from the late afternoon sun. Then I get a small bowl of sugar in the raw ( no domino will just not do here) another one of really good balsamic vinegar, and slice the peach into 8ths. Dip the warm peach in the sugar, then the balsamic, pop into your mouth, and savour! Just remember to lick your fingers as the juices and sweet fleshy goodness come together as one, exploding with flavor. Okay, this is starting to sound like peach food porn. Hey, that’s okay too! Think 91/2 weeks, only the actual season does not last that long.

I digress, she shakes head, comes back to planet earth. What to do after your warm , albeit orgasmic, summer peach? That’s easy. The obvious of course, a pie, cobbler, (homemade crusts, please), tiny fried empanadas dusted with powdered sugar, or my personal favourite, sliced, in a salad with fresh jumbo lump blue crab ( trust me on this one) over arugula, with spanish marconna almonds and a very simple flax seed & honey vinaigrette. It needs no other embellishment.  Except a glass of very cold veuve cliquot champagne.

Peaches remain supreme, this reminds me of when I met Alice Waters and Jeremiah Tower in Berkley, Ca. That my dear readers is another story in itself.

Until then, go enjoy the fresh peaches while you can, they will soon be but a memory, like a long lost love, before you know it.

Millions Of Peaches by The Presidents of The United States Of America

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