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The local blueberry crop has been magnificent.  They are plump, sweet and juicy!   Like women in the 1950’s used to be! HAHA.  Also a bargain right now, at about $1.89 a pint.  Buy now, and if you are not going to use them fresh, spread on a baking sheet and freeze. Then you can store in a zip-lock baggie and put back in the freezer. You will have fresh tasting blueberries all winter.

What to do with the blues? Put on some great jazz, get in the kitchen and create. Make jam, tiny tarts, syrup, amazing on whole grain & granola pancakes, toss over angel food cake with fresh whipped cream. The ideas are endless. I, personally am going to try to make blueberry ice cream! Tell me, have you ever seen that in the grocery store? Gourmet food store?  Will let you know the outcome.

So, even if you don’t have a local farm stand or farmers market, get yourself to Whole Foods, and buy these blue babies up now. Fresh does have an expiration date.

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