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Florida Heat

In light of a recent family loss, here are a few of my favorite things that make Florida, the Sunshine State, special. No, I do not mean the 5 pm early bird dinner! Nor, Julie Andrews singing in the Sound of Music. Just some good times.

Getting caught in a warm rain shower in the middle of the afternoon.

Driving to the Keys ~ that 7 mile bridge!

Deep fried Conch fritters & Key Lime Pie.

Celebrating a hot Miami night with friends drinking mojito’s and smoking Cuban cigars.

Lounging in a hammock reading Earnest Hemingway.

Busch Gardens ~ The Daytona 500 ~ Walt Disney World

Floribbean Cuisine & The Mango Gang!  Norman Van Aken, Douglas Rodriguez, Alan Susser, Cindy Hutson to name a few.

Brunch on the porch at the now defunct “Rose Tattoo Cafe” in Key West, enjoying  warm sour cream coffee cake with whipped sweet orange butter, and searing hot coffee! Long before Starbucks. Thanks, Julie Moon, a truly memorable time.

Getting a sun-kissed tan the old fashioned way, by lying on the beach covered in Hawaiian Tropic!

Cuban pressed pork sandwiches ~ Guava Pastries.

Miami Vice~ The clothes, those cars, that hair! Crockett & Tubbs.

Art Deco Hotels & Nightclubs in South Beach ~ The South Beach Food & Wine Festival.

Sending Man to the Moon.

Art Basel ~ which will commence 12/3-6/09

Last but certainly not least, Gloria Estefan & the Miami Sound-machine  ~ The Florida Everglades ~ Miami Dolphins!

R.I.P. Mr. G ~ 7/12/09

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