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You Know Your A Supernatural Fan When ~

It as been quite awhile since I blogged about anything, having to much fun since I moved to LA, family illness, and numerous other distractions have sidelined me from blogging. What a better way to ease back into it by blogging about my beloved show #Supernatural. While I hated season 6, this last season has had good moments and bad ones, but all in all .. not bad. So here goes: 

 1) You want Castiel back as Cas

2) The leviathian story line sucks. Lets get back to Lucifer & the archangels.

3) You miss the Trickster.

4) There really is a purgatory.

5) Sam and Lucifer have an unbroken bond.

6) Spike (james marsters) is fabulous as David Stark. More! Bring more!

7) Bobby didnt really need to die.

8) Crowley is the king of hell.

9) 1944 was cool, so was Eliot Ness.

10) Clowns are totally fucking scary. Period. 

11) Working in a post office blows.

12) Never trust a real estate agent who smiles all the time.

13) Lucifer isnt going anywhere.

14) Hunters are your friends.

15) Beware of ballet slippers.

16) A Shojo is NOT the korean drink soju.

17) Cursed objects are real.. look 4 the canadian seires “Friday the 13th” about cursed objects in an antiques shop. Brilliant show. 

18) Amazon warriors really are women.

19) Jensen Ackles is hotter than ever.

20) jared Padalecki & his wife just welcomed a baby boy in to the world. Congratulations!


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