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Well if you missed out on the local cherry crop don’t cry in your beer just yet, while the cherries are gone, there are still little red gems to be found. That’s right, Raspberries! Their season runs from now until the end of July.

Unfortunately for me the deer seem to find my yard, shrubbery, trees, even the green scum on my pond a virtual garden of earthly delights. Namely, they ate all my raspberries! Though I can’t blame Bambi for having good taste. My little sister lives in a more citified environment and her raspberry bushes are just brimming with ruby red delights. Incredibly good eaten just plucked off the vine and still warm from the afternoon sun. Pinch me now.

After I have raided all of her crop, I plan on making the trek to Scott’s Yankee Farm in East Lyme, Ct to pick my own. They will even provide you with containers, although it is up to the picker how many actually make it home.

What do you do once one is back home, hm-mm. Well first up raspberries do not care for the freezer, so unless you plan on making raspberry daiquiris, toss that idea out the window. As for jam, they require a lot of sugar, so bag that one as well. I suggest making raspberry vinegar. Use white balsamic, to keep that gorgeous color, and if you reduce it long enough you will have a wonderful raspberry glaze.

What to put it on? Splash on a fresh bibb & pecan & pear salad with crumbled blue cheese, use as a marinade for salmon, sea bass or scallops, drizzle over grilled skirt steak, add fresh avocado, red onions, a smear of St. Andre and roll up in a warm corn tortilla and you have a tasty little treat for a summer day.

Now, don’t forget to make a “few” extra bottles to give as Christmas presents, your friends will love you for it. Just make sure to include ideas too!

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