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my lobster roll

Just a quick post inspired by the amazing amount of hits my Lobster Club picture has received on Twitter. So here’s an homage to the humble bug of the sea. So ugly yet so delicious. But first a bit of history.  Lobsters are part of a group of arthropods (crab/ shrimp/ krill) . They have an exoskeleton which they must moult in order to grow. They also have separate sexes and reproduce sexually. Try visualizing that one. Two lobsters hooking up. LOL. Little known fact, some can even change their sex during the course of their lives.  A transgender lobster. Who knew!

I personally love lobster. Succulent, moist, briny, sweet. They hit the mark on all taste levels. Dipped in melted sweet butter, drool worthy. Anyone who doubts that should Netflix the movie Flashdance and watch Jennifer Beals slowly savouring and sucking the meat out of one. Who cared if she could dance, that scene was quite simply, highly erotic. If you’re not dying to eat a lobster after watching that, then you have no libido. Okay, I digress. Back to the sea.

Lately lobsters have been a steal at my  market. My local fish guy (who happens to be a hottie) will give me a call when they are going on sale to give me a heads up (okay to flirt too). This past weekend they were $4.99 a lb. A veritable bargain. So I went and picked up a few of these beauties.

Now there are many ways to prepare a lobster, though most people over -cook theirs, but if you follow this simple rule you will be guaranteed melt in your mouth goodness. Everytime.

I prefer to quickly “steam” my lobsters. Get a very large pot, add barely an inch of water, and if you wish toss in a few peppercorns and a lemon slice. They wont flavour the meat, its more for aromatic purposes. Makes the kitchen smell nice. Put in the lobsters, turn on the heat, cover and steam for 10 minutes. No more. Lobster meat cooks quickly and can become tough and chewy when overcooked. If you plan on sauteing or grilling, steam them for only 3-5 mins, cool and proceed with whatever recipe you plan on using. Drain. Cool. Shell. Proceed to melt some butter, dip and enjoy. Nirvana has been achieved.

One of my favourite ways to enjoy a lobster is the classic lobster roll, Connecticut style. Take a brioche or Martini’s potato roll, butter and griddle it. Set aside. Coarse chop the meat, toss with some melted butter, spread the bun with a small amount of mayonnaise, top with the warm lobster meat and sprinkle of chives. Enjoy as the butter and lobster juices drip down your chin. Orgasmic.

Though if you want a more impressive dish with a wow factor this is something I made when I was Executive Chef of a Country Club in Darien, Ct. Most of our members worked in New York City on Wall Street and were used to 5* cuisine. They expected that same level of quality from me. It was a job I adored, but after 4 years and 80 work weeks, well it got tiring.  Though this recipe never does. It was a dish I could never take off the menu and ten years later it still rocks it out.

Lobster Mashed Potatoes w/ Seared Sea Scallops & Beurre Blanc

Make a batch of yukon gold whipped potatoes. Cook/ cool/ shell a lobster. Reserve the claw.  Remove meat & coarse chop. Stir the lobster into the potatoes. Panko crust 3 jumbo sea scallops. Pan sear. Blanch haricot vert or grill some asperges. Make a champagne beurre blanc. Place lobster mashed potatoes in center of a plate, surround with 3 sea scallops, the veg & drizzle with the beuerre blanc. Top with the lobster claw and a dollop of osetra caviar and garnish with a chive stuffed yukon gold potato “chip”.

So the next time you want to impress your better half, your  friends, your in-laws,  your boss, make this. You’ll be guaranteed a table full of smiles. And if it’s just you and your significant other your chances of getting lucky are 100%. Cause after all lobster is sexy. Just ask Jennifer Beals.

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Okay this has nothing to do with food. Though it stars some pretty tasting looking “treats”. I’m partial to Dean or Castiel myself. 🙂  Season 6 has proved to be quite surprising. Sam has no soul. Dean is a family man. The Impala has been rebuilt. Cas is fighting a battle with the angels in Heaven and Crowley is in charge of Hell. And I’m still waiting for Bobby to Riverdance. Awesomeness abounds.  So for all my #Supernatural fans, this one’s for you.

1) Know that skin walkers can be anywhere.

2) Meg still kicks ass.

3) Want Castiel to win his war with Raphael.

4) Wonder if Chuck will reappear.

5) Are tired of Lisa.

6) Be wary of old men bearing rings.

7) Know about Sodom & Gomorrah.

8) Believe in Angels.

9) Don’t care for the Goddess of Truth ~ Veritas.

10) Miss Castiel as a hippie.

11) Knew Dean wouldn’t last one day as Death.

12) Exile on Main Street was a Rolling Stones song.

13) You subscribe to Readers Digest.

14) Think that Grandpa is not what he appears to be.

15) The truth can be cruel.

16) Twilight  & the twi-hards suck.

17) WTF is up with Sam.

18) Want Dean back to his philandering ways.

19) Never trust a shape shifter.

20) Being in the “family” business has taken on a whole new meaning.

21) Think Crowley is kinda hot, in a demon sort of way.

22) Remember Corin “Corky”  Nemic when he was Parker Lewis.

23) You’ve been to Hell and back.

24) Still want to see Bobby Riverdance.

25) Know that Elves are real.

26) So are Leprechaun’s and Tinkerbell.

27) Dragons have a thing for Virgins.

28) Still don’t sleep.

29) Cried when Jensen Ackles got married.

30) Want Ash back.

31) Know that a Vampire doesn’t have to bite you to turn you.

32) Love vintage motels.

33) Think Amber Benson needs to be back as the leader of the Vampires.

34) Wonder if Castiel will get a new wardrobe.

35) Think the Impala needs a GPS system.

36) Dont do shorts.

37) Don’t ever want to be 17 again.

38) Hope Dr. Sexy   (i.e the trickster) comes back.

39) Know that Dark Side of the Moon was once a Pink Floyd song.

40) Noticed that the movie marquee in ‘The End” was playing Route 666.

41) Cupid doesn’t really wear a diaper.

42) The Whore of Babylon has nothing to do with sex.

43) Googled “Mikes Travel Inn”.

44) AC/DC has you Thunderstruck.

45) Tried to book a room at the Elysian Fields hotel.

46) Had a cocktail at the Astro Lounge.

47) Downloaded “Oh Death” by Jen Titus and its in your iTunes library.

48) The voice says your almost out of minutes.

49) Just say no to being an angel condom.

50) Can’t wait til Friday Jan 28th when the boys are back.

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A little Supernatural fan fix because if you are like me, September is a long long way off. Until then we will have to wait to see if Dean lives happily ever after, if Lucifer is part of Sam, if  Bobby will learn how to dance, and if Castiel is truly heaven sent. Season #6..tbc..

1) Your out of angel mojo.

2) Know that it’s called possession for a reason.

3) Can name the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

4) Are quick with a colorful rejoinder.

5) Knew Matt Frewer when he was Max Headroom. (amazon is taking pre-orders)

6) Wonder why do the Winchesters make everything so complicated.

7) Want to see Bobby Riverdance.

8) Hope Castiel really does have a Stairway to Heaven.

9) Hell Hounds are not your neighbors barking dogs.

10) Have a Team Ackles T-shirt.

11) Have a Team Padalecki T-shirt.

12) You’ve said ~ “Behave your self…No Homework..Watch some porn.

13) You think the road to nowhere is Route 666.

14) Follow Mischa Collins on Twitter.

15) Lost a shoe.

16) Made an EMF reader out of a Sony Walkman.

17) Have a Demon Hunter bumper sticker ~ on your 67′ Impala.

18) Ramble On does not mean you talk to much.

19) You’ve read Kurt Vonnegut.

20) Thought Ghostfacers was a reality show on MTV.

21) Know that “I’m burning for you” does not mean you have a fever.

22) Have 300 cable channels and nothings on.

23) Think your adorable.

24) Want more Ash!!

25) Know that Jared was Dean before he was Sam.

26) Watched Jensen when he was Jason.

27) Googled Stanford & MIT.

28) Can recite the Tao of Dean by heart.

29) Listen to http://www.rock 101.com.

30) Buy the #Supernatural Comic books.

31) Own a Rabbits foot.

32) Know how to pick a lock and hot wire a car.

33) Have the Winchester Boys calendar.

34) Loved Cas as a hippie.

35) Loved Dean in gym shorts.

36) Want Sam’s white suit.

37) Know that sneezy is pestilence.

38) Think clowns are scary.

39) Dislike Christmas fruitcake.

40) Own the movie “Devour” for Jensen.

41) Own the movie “Cry Wolf” for Jared.

42) Know that a pie hole has nothing to do with pie.

43) Have preordered the season #5 companion book.

44) Tried to call Deans cell phone # (866-907-3235).

45) Glad Ruby bit the dust.

46) Wonder who is really in Sam’s body.

47) Think we haven’t seen the last of Chuck the prophet.

48) Wonder if that really is Dean’s son.

49) Love pie.

50) Have preordered season #5 on DVD from Amazon.

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I Want Candy!

Or more specifically I want chocolate! Who doesnt? Chocolate makes everything better. Well, at least for me it does. My original plan was to post this for Valentines Day, but well life has a way of getting in the way. While your busy making other plans. Didn’t John Lennon sing that?

So now I turn my attentions to one of God’s greatest gifts to us. Chocolate. Okay, he didn’t actually create it, but one of his children did. It can be traced back to Montezuma (no revenge here) the Aztec Emperor. So in an essence it was food of the god’s. Though they used the beans that grew on the cocoa trees in the wilds of the jungle to make a bitter drink. Cool. Lucky for the world Cortes invaded Central America and brought this delicious treat back to Spain. In 1529. Been around for quite a while. Though I am not going to delve into the history or lore. Nope, lets fast forward to 1847. When things really started to get sticky.

Joseph Fry, a Brit, mixed cocoa butter into cocoa powder and added sugar creating a paste that could be pressed into a mold. Yum. But still not perfect.  In 1849 John Cadbury got in on the phenomena. Though it was the Swiss, Daniel Peter and Henry Nestle,  in 1875 who thought to add condensed milk to the product, thus creating a candy bar that snapped into pieces when broken. What took them so long! LOL. In 1894 the Hershey Bar hit the market and was followed by the Tootsie Roll in 1896. And the sweet sensation was only just getting started.  Chocolate fever over took the nation.

It was during WWI that American manufactures turned their attention to chocolate making. Sending candy bars to the troops overseas. Nice perk, ya think. The industry peaked and the market was flooded by the mid 1920’s, when at one point there were hundreds of different types on the market. This was most likely due to prohibition. Chocolate  seemed like a good alternative to booze. It was sinful to eat and enough could make you giddy. Legal sugar high anyone?

So heres is a list of the top 10 candy bars of all time. To be followed with the top 10 chocolate makers world-wide. So whatever satisfies your sweet tooth, just be sure to have a glass of milk handy. Or in my case  soy vanilla milk.

The Original Top 10 Candy Bars ~

1) Hershey Bar ~ 1894  * The Hershey’s Kiss arrived in 1901 ~ Sweet to eat!

2) Butterfinger ~ 1920 ~ Nothing like a butterfinger

3) Oh Henry ! ~ 1921 ~ Oh hungry? Have an oh henry

4) Baby Ruth ~ 1921 ~ The real deal

5) Milky Way ~ 1923 ~ Originally known as a Mars bar ~ out of this world

6) Reese Peanut Butter Cup ~ 1923 ~ There’s no wrong way to eat a reese’s

7) Snickers ~ 1930  ~ Hungry? grab a snickers ~ FYI ~ named for the family horse

8) 3 Musketeers ~ 1932~ Big on chocolate

9) Kit Kat ~ 1935 ~ Have a break, have a kit kat

10) M & M’s ~ 1941 ~ Melts in your mouth, not in your hand

The  Top Ten Chocolatiers World Wide ~

1) France ~ Valrhona

2) Belgium ~ Godiva

3) Switzerland ~ Lindt

4) Italy ~ Slitti

5) Spain ~ Valor

6) Germany ~ Schoking

7) Holland ~ Rademaker

8) American ~ Scharffen Berger

9) Canadian ~ Bernard Callebaut

10) British ~ Cadburys

* My personal favourite is Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Mint Crisp. Though I have been known to take a Vosges Mo’s Bacon Bar and chop it up to stir into pancake batter. Now that’s some Haute Chocolate!

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This is for all the #Supernatural fans.  Don’t forget to put the Impala in park and watch out for the supermassive black hole.*

1) You have a sudden craving for pudding.

2) If someone says ‘this place is haunted” you believe them.

3) Can’t find my way home does not refer to a long night out at the bar.

4) Led Zeppelin is your favourite band, period.

5) You made reservations at the Pineview Hotel for the next #SPN convention.

6) Think Chuck & Becky are adorable.

7) Know that not all Reapers are grim.

8) Think Vampires suck.

9) Miss the Harvelles.

10) Will never think of Valentines Day in quite the same way.

11) Wonder what Lucifer is doing on Lost.

12) Have a thing for guys who are 6’2 with green eyes and like 70’s rock.

13) Remember when Jensen was Eric Brady on DOOL & if you add an R =Drool.

14) Met your GF/BF/Partner in an online #SPN chat room.

15) Know that Amy Acker was Fred on Angel.

16) Wish Jo’s last night on earth was with Dean.

17) Own Mary Winchesters charm bracelet.

18) Want 7 minutes in heaven with Dean or Sam.

19) Have the same tattoo as Dean & Sam.

20) Watched 10 Inch Hero for Jensen.

21) Watched New York Minute for Jared.

22) Know that Green Day’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams was supposed to be the opening song.**

23) Think Chris Angell is a douche-bag.

24) Know that “Gumby” does not refer to the cartoon.

25) Bought Jim Beaver’s book Life’s that Way, and cried when you read it.

26) Know who the Four Horseman are.

27) Subscribe to the Supernatural magazine.

28) Follow Bobby @jumblejim and Ash @chadlindberg on Twitter.

29) Know what  a croatoan virus is.

30) Have a I Believe in Angels bumper sticker on your car.

31) Will never play a game of Poker with a man named Patrick.

32) Always get the extra cookie.

33) Been kidnapped by Paris Hilton and forced to watch ‘House of Wax”.

34) Think that Changing Channels is a TV game show.

35) Always knew the Trickster was hiding something.

36) Have a panic room.

37) Your last meal would be a cheeseburger, fries & a cold beer.

38) Wouldn’t mind being in Deans dream fantasy.

39) Think Dean & Sam’s theme song should be Back On The Road Again.

40) Call Bobby ‘Ironsides”.

41) Know that Jensen Ackles birthday is March 1st.

42) Can’t believe Sam & Ruby got married, yup in real life, Feb 27th 2010. Congrats to Jared & Genevieve.

43) Knew Anna was up to no good.

44) Know that “Wheel in the Sky” has nothing to do with the Impala.

45) Have read Witch’s Canyon.

46) Joined the #Supernatural Fan page on Facebook.

47) Know the words to Folsom Prison Blues.

48) Bought a trench coat just like Castiel’s.

49) Wonder why all Demons are sexy.

50) Jumped for joy when you heard #SPN was coming back for a 6th season.

*Muse’s song ~ supermassive black hole was used on #Supernatural long before it was put on the Twilight soundtrack.

** The tag line for the show was supposed to be No Rest for the Wicked.

*** I will be doing another #SPN list at the end of the season. For now, I hope you get a chuckle and feel free to send me your comments.

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On rare occasions I blog about something completely un-food related. Like now. This is a test. It is only a test……beeeeeeeeeeeep. Feel free to throw your two cents in.

You know you’re a #supernatural fan when:

1) You own all the seasons on DVD.

2) You have a t-shirt that says “Got Salt”.

3) You know a ‘colt’ is not a race horse.

4) You u-tubed Jensen Ackles lip- syncing Eye of the Tiger and bookmarked it.

5) Bad Company is not a family gathering.

6) Your favourite saying is Son-of-a-Bitch!

7) You like cheesy 70’s style hotels because they have “magic fingers”.

8) Your dream car is a black 1967 Impala.

9) You know that being a Hunter has nothing to do with wild life.

10) You shop at the army surplus store.

11) Your cell phone ring tone is “Don’t fear the Reaper”.

12) You have read the bible.

13) You never let anyone drive your car.

14) You bought the John Winchester Diary on Amazon.

15) You call people who annoy you Chuckles or Douche-bag.

16) You want to go to Lawrence, Kansas.

17) You carry a flask and it does not contain holy water.

18) You cried when Jensen Ackles got engaged.

19) You know what “LARPING” stands for.

20) You want to be touched by an angel ~ in this case Castiel.

21) You’ve been to a Comic-Con convention.

22) You want a bacon-cheeseburger and you’re a vegetarian.

23) You own a Kansas CD.

24) You googled “Ghostfacers”.

25) You named your dog Dean (or ) Sam.

26) You have bags of salt ~ just in case.

27) Your fireplace poker is made of Iron.

28) You know how to draw a Devils Trap.

29) You own all the #Supernatural books ~ yes there really are books.

30) Highway to Hell is not morning traffic on the 405 (LA) or 1-95 (NYC).

31) You have a cassette player in your car.

32) You want Metallica played at your wedding.

33) You’ve googled “how to make a hex bag”.

34) You liked Ruby better as a blonde.

35) Thought Dean looked hot in a Tuxedo.

36) Beer with a whiskey chaser is your preferred beverage of choice.

37) Like when Sam gives the puppy dog eyes.

38) You’ve watched My Bloody Valentine ~ for Jensen.

39) You’ve watched Friday the 13th ~ for Jared.

40) You cried when Jo & Ellen died.

41) You hate Meg.

42) You love the Trickster.

43) You miss Ash and his mullet~ business in the front/party in the back.

44) You wish Bobby would take his cap off ~ or ~ smile.

45) The season 1 finale blew you away. Literally.

46) You’ve re-watched the Dean & Anna the angel sex scene ~ just to see Dean shirtless.

47) Christmas wreaths will never be the same.

48) You liked Bella ~ in an evil sort of way.

49) You loved Dean as a Corporate Executive & Sam as a computer drone.

50) You miss the genius that was Kim Manners. RIP.

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