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While they were incredible at Hartford, one must believe after seeing them last night at Madison Square Garden, that it was only a “warm ” up show for landing in New York City.

And what a show it was! First up, The Kaiser Chiefs rocked the house. Those pathetic peeps who do not know that this British band, is amazing, well that is their loss. Any way Ricky & Co played 8 songs (sadly, not enough, but I will take it) to get the audience pumped for Green Day.

Then promptly at 9 pm the sound of~ Sing us a song of the Century, stage still dark, coming through the speakers, oh crap! Billie Joe, Tre Cool & Mike Dirnt just blew it out of the proverbial water for the next 3 hours!

I don’t know where to begin. So here is last nights set list at MSG July 28th 09.

Song of the Century~ 21st Century Breakdown ~ Know your Enemy ~ Murder City ~ East Jesus Nowhwere ~Holiday ~ Static Age ~ Before the Lobotomy ~ We are the Waiting ~ St.Jimmy ~ Boulevard of Broken Dreams !!~ A quick Bite (while he is away) ~Hitchin a Ride !~Welcome to Paradise ~ Stop, Drop & Roll (Eff ME! The Foxboro Hot Tubs).

Eye of the tiger ( survivior cover), F.O.D,  When I come Around, Going to Pasalaqcqua, Stuart and the Ave, Who wrote Holden Caulifield, Iron man, Basket Case, She, King for a Day, Shout, Earth Angel, Christie Road, I’ll be There, 21 Guns, American Eulogy.

Encore: American Idiot, Jesus of Suburbia , Dearly Beloved,  Minority

2ND Encore:

Macy’s Day Parade, Say I love you, Good Riddiance (time of your life).

In all 38, yes count em, 38! songs. Everything from old to new & some fun tossed in there too! As for the little kid who got up on stage to play Mike Dirnt’s bass, and to  whom Billie Joe asked if he tweeted,( to which I promptly did!) Hello Twitterverse!

He has a rock star career in his future, when he grabbed the mike and said Thank You, Madison Square Garden, with BJ & Mike & Tre just standing there smiling and laughing, then BJ gave him the bass, well, you just had to be there! And I was!

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Okay this has zip to do with food, but hey it’s my blog, so I can write whatever I want! HA, okay not to be a bitch, or something , this will be a 2 parter.

First up, saw Green Day in Hartford at the XL center on Friday eve. We decided to stay the night, and once again the Hilton Hartford was just not equipped to deal with mass amounts of people! Let alone feed them! I was not in the mood for the  drive back home, (only about 65 minutes) after 11pm. Considering  Green Day played for over 3 hours, as they did not even leave the stage til after midnight,  it was a good call on my part.

Glad I booked the room! Brought snacks, and Guinness or we would have starved. Did try to have a munch in hotel cafe, abysmal, I even twit pic’d it. YUK! $30.00 for a caesar salad, order of cold fries, 4 dead right out of the box chicken fingers, god help the chef who is the EC of that hotel! He should be shot.

But then Billie Joe Armstrong & Tre Cool walked right by me, turned around, and smiled gave me  thumbs up! I am surprised I did not faint! Mind was so in shock, could not even think to get my iphone out! Just stood there with this other chick, our mouths hanging open, going OH My God! Her husband in the elevator on the way back up to our rooms, said you 2 are such groupies! I said, no I’m not! Wait, Yes I am!

So we went to the center, tickets said 8 pm, it was like 8:15 and I am buying Green Day swag and we hear THE BRAVERY say, okay 2 more songs! F…me! We caught their last 2 songs, but dang they were only on stage for 20 mins? was up?

Tomorrow is the Kaiser Chiefs, my 2nd favourite band in the world, so we will be at the garden EARLY!

The Set List For Green Day @ Hartford is as follows:

Song of the century ~ 21st century breakdown ~ Know your enemy ~ East jesus nowhere~ Holiday ~  Static age ~ Before the lobotomy ~ We are the waiting ~ St.jimmy ~Boulevard of broken dreams ~ Dominated love slave ~ Hitchin a ride ~ Welcome to paradise ~ Only of you ~ Christie road ~F.O.D ~ Brain stew~ Jaded ~ Longview ~ Basket case~ She ~ King for a day ~ I’ll be there ~ Stand by me ~ Shout ~ 21 guns ~ American eulogy!

Then the encore!

American Idiot ~ Jesus of Suburbia ~ City of the Damned ~Minority ~ Last night on earth ~ Good riddance/time of  your life.

33 songs in all, my mind was blown! Good thing the Guinness was chilling in the sink back at the hotel room!


Guinness lost its wrapper in sink of ice. Think plunko ate it! nom nom nom!

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