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From the Cookbook Shelf


Here are some of my favourite new cookbooks, and some not so new, but all worth a look. Mostly for inspiration if nothing else, some for pure whimsy and some for a look into how other chefs think and their interpretation of the art of food.

1) Mugaritz ~ Andoni Luis Aduriz ~ simply pure genius

2) Modernist Cuisine at Home ~ Nathan Myhrvold ~ a must have

3) Elements of Dessert ~ Francico Migoya ~ inspirational & stunning

4) Japanese Farm Food ~ Nancy Singleton Hachisu ~ educational

5) Dirt Candy ~ Amanda Cohen~ whimsical, funny & awesome vegetables

6) In Pursuit of Excellence ~ Josiah Citrin ~ go eat at Melisse~ perfection

7) Street ~ Susan Feniger ~ travel inspiring & simply delicious

8) A Girl & Her Pig ~ April Bloomfield ~ charming, tasteful & fun

9) Mozza ~ Nancy Silverton ~ best pizza ever

10) Ludo Bites ~ Ludo Lefebvre ~ passionate frenchman, but brilliant

11) Southern Cooking ~ Bill Neal ~ every chef should own this

12) Lucky Peach ~ get your subscription, now

13) Beginnings ~ Chris Cosentino ~ good way to start a meal

14) The Little House Cookbook ~ original “nose to tail” & live off the land

Now this is only my “short” list, I received & perused many many more cookbooks during the past year, but these are “keepers”. Some books inspire, some give ideas or a new way to tweak or re-create a recipe, some are from restaurants that have food that is ┬ájust so damn tasty that you want to know, how did they make that! To me, that is the best kind of cookbook. Have fun, reading, cooking and taking it one step higher.

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