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Since I have not burbled for a few days, and now feel to sick to accomplish much of anything else, figured I may as well write. This will also be easier than emailing countless peeps and risk getting thrown in Twitter jail for an endless stream of tweets!

First a big thank you to my friends in the twitter verse universe. One for all of you being concerned about my being sick. If you are on Twitter ( as I seem to be with more & more  frequency, there are some wonderful people here! I will not reveal “real” names, but in twit speak, please #follow @angellr @jo_jo_ba @Foodieprints @rockingjude @omewan @ BuzzEdition  @linderelli @RickBakas @AlohaArleen ( she’s getting married!!) @Winebratsf @Sonodora @ Zegolf @Bptbtrfly @love2cook @SimplyDecadent @Weeniemobile @ wicksie & way to many more to list, catch you up on #followfriday.

Quick update, past few weeks been busy at home, my lovey got Strep, mum & dad,  well it is just to hot to take them out. So we canceled all dr/s appts. Laid low. Stayed Cool. Watched movies.  I started feeling punky on thursday, figured it was allergies. I am the queen of allergies. But after an outpouring of love & tweets & music & medic advice, awoke Saturday morn, not feeling to crappy (well it was 3pm). So more like sat afternoon. My amazing fish man called me to tell me my $3.99 lobsters would only be around for a few more hours. Helps if you sleep with your iphone like I do! Not the fish guy, although he is hot. But way to young for me. So hauled my self to town, got my lobsters and a beautiful piece of Ahi Tuna. Nice!  Picked up 3 dozen hot house tomatoes. For soup.

I digress, as is my wont, came home started feeling yukky again and I made a move of shear  brain damaged numbness, proceeded to drink about 1/4 cup nyquil, take an alka seltzer sinus pill, and topped it all of with a glass of cab. My bad! Not even close! What an idiot, I got so jacked up, I made fresh Tomato Soup, I cooked & cleaned 6 Lobsters, I made a huge pot of my 3 meat Texas red chili, I made green chili-cheddar-chive -corn muffins. Tweeting all the while, I feel sooo much better. Yeah right, ya think? Who wouldn’t. I even prepped everything for ahi tuna grilled Sammy’s, w/ bacon & avocado mayo to go w/ pops soup for lunch. I might add I was also twit pic’ing.

Getting up this am, after crashing back down to planet earth, with a thud I might add. I simply could not believe that I used to pay good money to feel that way.  Back in the day. The immorality and complete stupidity of youth.

So today I ache everywhere, ears, sinus, raw throat, when I blow my nose water squirts out of my eyes! How strange is that. Also why does one nostril always seem to produce more ick , than the other one? Just pondering one of the great mysteries of life I guess.

So today fever is only 101.3, not to bad BP is 168/o99 its been worse! Just green tea & crackers. They even stayed down. Woo hoo.

I have made an appointment to visit my doctor, to discuss my health issues. For now I just think I’ll go take a nap.

Restless heart Syndrome by Green Day

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