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This is for all the #Supernatural fans.  Don’t forget to put the Impala in park and watch out for the supermassive black hole.*

1) You have a sudden craving for pudding.

2) If someone says ‘this place is haunted” you believe them.

3) Can’t find my way home does not refer to a long night out at the bar.

4) Led Zeppelin is your favourite band, period.

5) You made reservations at the Pineview Hotel for the next #SPN convention.

6) Think Chuck & Becky are adorable.

7) Know that not all Reapers are grim.

8) Think Vampires suck.

9) Miss the Harvelles.

10) Will never think of Valentines Day in quite the same way.

11) Wonder what Lucifer is doing on Lost.

12) Have a thing for guys who are 6’2 with green eyes and like 70’s rock.

13) Remember when Jensen was Eric Brady on DOOL & if you add an R =Drool.

14) Met your GF/BF/Partner in an online #SPN chat room.

15) Know that Amy Acker was Fred on Angel.

16) Wish Jo’s last night on earth was with Dean.

17) Own Mary Winchesters charm bracelet.

18) Want 7 minutes in heaven with Dean or Sam.

19) Have the same tattoo as Dean & Sam.

20) Watched 10 Inch Hero for Jensen.

21) Watched New York Minute for Jared.

22) Know that Green Day’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams was supposed to be the opening song.**

23) Think Chris Angell is a douche-bag.

24) Know that “Gumby” does not refer to the cartoon.

25) Bought Jim Beaver’s book Life’s that Way, and cried when you read it.

26) Know who the Four Horseman are.

27) Subscribe to the Supernatural magazine.

28) Follow Bobby @jumblejim and Ash @chadlindberg on Twitter.

29) Know what  a croatoan virus is.

30) Have a I Believe in Angels bumper sticker on your car.

31) Will never play a game of Poker with a man named Patrick.

32) Always get the extra cookie.

33) Been kidnapped by Paris Hilton and forced to watch ‘House of Wax”.

34) Think that Changing Channels is a TV game show.

35) Always knew the Trickster was hiding something.

36) Have a panic room.

37) Your last meal would be a cheeseburger, fries & a cold beer.

38) Wouldn’t mind being in Deans dream fantasy.

39) Think Dean & Sam’s theme song should be Back On The Road Again.

40) Call Bobby ‘Ironsides”.

41) Know that Jensen Ackles birthday is March 1st.

42) Can’t believe Sam & Ruby got married, yup in real life, Feb 27th 2010. Congrats to Jared & Genevieve.

43) Knew Anna was up to no good.

44) Know that “Wheel in the Sky” has nothing to do with the Impala.

45) Have read Witch’s Canyon.

46) Joined the #Supernatural Fan page on Facebook.

47) Know the words to Folsom Prison Blues.

48) Bought a trench coat just like Castiel’s.

49) Wonder why all Demons are sexy.

50) Jumped for joy when you heard #SPN was coming back for a 6th season.

*Muse’s song ~ supermassive black hole was used on #Supernatural long before it was put on the Twilight soundtrack.

** The tag line for the show was supposed to be No Rest for the Wicked.

*** I will be doing another #SPN list at the end of the season. For now, I hope you get a chuckle and feel free to send me your comments.

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