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Since I am still trying to conquer this horrible “odge” I had a brain storm! I.E. light bulb went off over drug & fog induced state. What do you eat when you are sick, well to quote Homer Simpson, DUH! Chicken Soup. Of Course.

How simple, how brilliant, why did it take me a freaking week to think of it! Existing on Constant Comet tea & Social Tea cookies has not been taking me where I need to go.

So had all ingredients in house, and whipped up a pot of chicken stock & matzo balls. Very simple recipe, 2 versions to follow, one to work on and one for the cheaters. Don’t be ashamed to use the cheater version. We all don’t have as much “free” time as I do! So the Jewish grandmothers penicillin seems to be working. (Even though I am a catholic!)  I have had 2 bowls along with some chopped chicken liver on Ritz crackers. Hey, I may even live! They must know something we  wasps don’t!

Well I confess, it’s not really chopped chicken liver, it is mashed foie gras with butter and chopped egg and sauteed shallot. The “over the top” version of chopped chicken liver! Extreme, maybe~ delicious, absolutely. Mummy loved it! She had me smear it on a buttermilk biscuit I made earlier but she needs the calories.

The Soup:  Version 1

Make stock~ cook a whole chicken covered in water, GENTLY simmering, never boil! Add chopped carrot, onion, garlic & parsley, 1 hour. Remove chicken, let cool, pick off meat, add bones back to pot. Simmer another hour, add peppercorns. A few.  Strain thru cheesecloth, reduce, now I will ” clarify ” my stocks, but that is up to you. Discard all remaining solids. Set aside to cool. There should be very little fat to skim! ( and you can set that aside to use in your chopped chicken liver!)

Now chop 2 carrots. 1/2 onion, 2 cloves garlic, sweat til translucent in 1thsp butter.

Make matzo balls, your own, Granny’s, from the deli..I maybe be persuaded to “give” up my recipe, but not quite yet!

Add stock to veg, cook 20 mins, add chilled matzo balls, cook 40 mins til light and fluffy. A note I make my matzo balls the size of a quarter, they grow to about tennis ball size in the broth. Light~ Fluffy~ Airy~ Ethreal!

Up to u to add shredded chicken  or cooked noodles. I do not. I use the shredded chicken to make chicken salad for lunch later. But that’s another recipe.

The Cheater’s Version ~

Same motions, only College Inn or Swanson’s Chicken Broth, instead of making your own. Go for the lower sodium versions.

So the next time you feel “under the weather” you have no excuse! Get thee to your kitchen and channel some old friends grandma vibe! Trust me, you will be feeling better sooner than you think!

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